Stratiteq Hack 2021.

Stratiteq Hack is a hackathon, or a design sprint-like event, in which developers, solution architects, data scientists, UX designers, and others involved in software development collaborate intensively on innovative software solutions. The goal of Stratiteq Hack is to create an innovative data-driven software solutions for defined business challenges, and in the end – to create real business impact for our clients.

For this year’s hackathon real business challenges were provided by the following companies:

  • Stena Fastigheter: “As a company affecting many people’s lives, Stena Fastigheter has chosen a path where they aim to develop their sustainable impact – environmentally and socially. By using their current data in innovative ways, there is a chance for a greater good for not only the company but for people and the planet. We are truly excited to explore the many possibilities to help make a change with the use of modern technologies.”
  • DB Cargo Scandinavia: “To drive the evolution within transportation, the use of new technology is a great enabler. By using their data, DB Cargo Scandinavia has great opportunities to solve old problems in new ways. We are keen and ready to jointly start exploring those new ways!”
  • Mathem: “With a core business that modernized an entire industry, it is natural to Mathem to continuously follow the development taking place in society. In doing so, vast amounts of data have been gathered, that opens for great new possibilities. We are looking forward to jointly exploring how to combine Mathem’s today with their tomorrow, in ways beneficial for both their business and clients.”
  • Öresundsbron: “For a company where the term “building bridges” applies both literal and figurative, Öresundsbron’s digital possibilities are many. There is no doubt that Covid has affected the way we travel and that post-pandemic traveling has yet to be defined. By using their many years of collected data, we look forward to jointly deep dive into this data-ocean and we trust to see great ideas arise – shaping the new normal.”

Challenges were presented by participating companies in our office in Malmö, and we followed up with Q&A sessions so hackathon participants could get more clarification on the challenges and data.

Hackathon took place in Eslöv over the weekend, 2nd and 3rd of November. Participating Stratiteq’s employees, from both Malmö and Stockholm office, formed seven teams that spent time hacking the provided business challenges.

Teams worked hard and gave their best to create solutions that will impress participating companies. Solutions they were building were judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: is the solution innovative and creative, is it using the latest technologies
  • Business Value & Impact: how much business value solution brings to the clients
  • Feasibility: is solution realistic in terms of the technological, legal and other aspects
  • Data Usage: how much of real data provided by clients was used in the solution


After the final presentations and judging, winners of the hackathon were selected and awarded in two categories:

  • Most data driven solution
  • Most innovative solution


In our short video, you can see how it looked like during the hackathon and what were comments of participating companies on the presented solutions.

Special thanks go out to participating companies and their representatives, to all our employees who participated in the hackathon, our judges, and the organizing team.