Malmö-based Stratiteq is helping companies to become truly data-driven

The knowledge-based consulting firm Stratiteq redefined its strategy at the end of 2019 with full focus on helping clients becoming data-driven. The implementation started in 2020 and is progressing according to plan.

We have seen how entire industries have changed and how the companies that take control of their digital future, and see the value of how they use their data, create clear competitive advantages. With Stratiteq’s knowledge of data-driven opportunities in all different areas of operations, we see great potential to help forward-leaning clients identify and enable their data-driven journey – says Frank Hennekens, CEO of Stratiteq since August 2019.

The growth strategy means expansion, both locally and regionally. Despite this year’s externally challenging conditions, Stratiteq has kept its recruitment plan and welcomed 26 new employees, and also have the ambition to grow by another 25% in the coming year. To succeed in achieving the set growth goals, the Stockholm region is a crucial piece of the puzzle. In October, Richard Åkerström, experienced leader in digital development and former Group Manager at Avanade, was appointed Regional Manager for Stockholm. Richard will be responsible for meeting the rising needs of the market in data-driven solutions, as well as for the intensive recruitment plan for 2021, where the now eight employees will be 20.

I am very excited to join Stratiteq’s team of highly skilled and passionate consultants. Despite, or perhaps due to, these unprecedented times we are seeing exponential demand. It’s coming from both new and existing clients, who want to venture further on their path to become data-driven. I look forward in welcoming many more colleagues, clients and projects as we dive headfirst into the future – says Richard Åkerström, Stockholm Regional Manager at Stratiteq since October.

When Stratiteq was formed in 2004, the target was to make impact by combining strategy and technology. That is still our main objective, says Stratiteq’s new Head of Marketing, Charlotte Eivesteen, but from a new angle.

The market is changing fast, and many companies today are worried about how to best keep up with technological developments. We believe that the key is to take advantage of all relevant facts, data, which are often already available, to then create smart digital and analytical solutions. Simply make the data work for you and with that be able to make smarter decisions and automate tasks. The companies that succeed will be rewarded with more innovative power and greater profitability. Besides, sooner or later this is a path we all must walk – says Charlotte, Head of Marketing at Stratiteq since October.

Charlotte has many years of experience in marketing with a focus on brand strategy and Employer Branding. She was internally recruited for the role and will focus on providing fuel to Stratiteq’s new data-driven strategy.

Contact information

Frank Hennekens, CEO
+46 70 513 37 16

Richard Åkerström, Regional Manager Stockholm
+46 76 526 98 03

Charlotte Eivesteen, Head of Marketing
+46 72 072 33 56

Stratiteq is a knowledge-based consultancy company for forward thinking clients who aim to become sustainable data-driven businesses. Stratiteq enables clients to take control of their digital future through the delivery of technology and strategy implementations for smart decision making, and making data the competitive advantage for their business. Stratiteq is specialized within the industries of Public Transport, Professional Services and Manufacturing. Stratiteq was founded in 2004 and has over 100 employees with offices in Malmö and Stockholm. Stratiteq’s client list includes Haldex, Höganäs, Region Skåne, Securitas, Skånetrafiken and Vattenfall. For more information, visit