Drivkraft and Stratiteq help hundreds of isolated school children with their homework during Covid-19

In the wake of social distancing due to Covid-19, students in Skåne that need help with their homework are finding it increasingly difficult to meet with their tutors. To resolve the situation, Drivkraft is teaming up with digital consultancy Stratiteq.

In this pro-bono co-operation Stratiteq will help Drivkraft set up the Microsoft Teams platform for online tutoring to hundreds of students across the region. Langate Systems will also contribute to this initiative with infrastructure support. The initiative includes free software licenses and technology adoption and guidance for enabling easy access to Covid-safe tutoring online, both in groups and one-to-one.

“Imagine you’re a 12-15yearold having a hard time learning in school. And then you get help and hope from a caring volunteer tutor. Then it’s all taken away again. This co-operation with Stratiteq will be so important for both students, families and volunteers in these difficult times” says Jessica Grundström, CEO at Drivkraft.

Drivkraft provides free mentorship, homework tutoring, and motivational activities for hundreds of students and their families across 25 schools in the Skåne region.

At Stratiteq we are passionate about making true impact and we normally work with businesses who are transforming digital processes at large scale. However, we see almost daily how all sorts of companies and organizations could benefit from a more data-driven approach. As this is our mission by heart we are happy and proud about this opportunity to help Drivkraft explore and accelerate their means for continuing their important work even in these times of social distancing” says Stefan Hult, Senior Business Analyst and Microsoft Platform Specialist at Stratiteq.

Contact information

Stefan Hult, Senior Business Analyst and Platform Specialist
+46 76-644 70 09
stefan.hult@stratiteq.com Charlotte Eivesteen, Head of Marketing
+46 72 072 33 56

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