Mastering digital transformation in public transport.

Mastering digital transformation in public transport – What it will take to regain control of your digital destiny and drive sustainable public transport usage.

Do you have the digital maturity to face challenges and make the most of opportunities in public transport? Three key megatrends are shaping the digital requirements of today and tomorrow for public transport operators:

1. Open payment systems
2. Mobility as a service
3. Data-driven public transport planning

All three require greater digital transformation, which you can accelerate by taking control of your digital destiny. Get started with insights on how to:

  • – Get the digital expertise to blaze your own path instead of procuring complete systems
  • – Consolidate your traffic data in a single platform and unlock their full potential
  • – Create a technical foundation for developing fit-for-purpose digital applications
  • – Minimize GDPR and other compliance risks with smart cloud governance policies