Skånetrafiken became a digital pioneer.

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Skånetrafiken is the third-largest public transport operator in Sweden with 170 million passengers per year, within Skåne county and in transit between Sweden and Denmark.




The challenge.

Back in the 2000s, Skånetrafiken procured a ticketing system, but by the time it was delivered, the smartphone had emerged and completely changed the game. Suddenly people could purchase all kinds of services and stay up to date on everything anytime and anywhere. Commuters began to expect the same mobility and ease of use from public transport. The system proved to be unprepared to meet these challenges, and with the contract set to expire in 2019, Skånetrafiken was confronted with a choice: more of the same or find a new path.

The solution.

Unexpected times call for unexpected actions.

Mariell Hallenhed, Head of Unit IT Sales Systems at Skånetrafiken, explains how the company blazed a new path in 2015:

“Instead of procuring another system, we decided to source the skills to help us build a system. This was a bold step because none of our peers in Sweden had tried this at the time. We chose Stratiteq to help us navigate these uncharted waters and accelerate our digital transformation,” says Mariell.

In the same year, Malmö Central Station became the hub of Skånetrafiken’s agile development team. It’s a combination of expert Stratiteq consultants and Skånetrafiken employees that’s still in operation. The team has easy access to local commuters for surveys and product tests – all they have to do is step outside.

In 2017, after only about one year of development, Skånetrafiken released a completely new back end, consumer-facing app and ticket pricing model. This release enabled Skånetrafiken to revolutionize its pricing model – going from 200 ticket zones and a variety of offers to three zones with fixed discounts on everything.

When Skånetrafiken implemented cloud technologies, they were pioneers among Swedish public transport operators. Mariell reports on how the cloud is used legally and what benefits it provides:

“Stratiteq helped us devise a secure cloud strategy, ensuring our data stayed within the EU. The cloud enables us to save money on data center costs, scale up during peak travel periods and deliver more personalized traffic information to travelers.”

The impact.

Skånetrafiken’s customer satisfaction index soared from 46% in 2015 to 76% in 2019, driven by simpler ticketing, streamlined payment models and improved traffic information. Mariell explains the crucial role the app has come to play for Skånetrafiken:

“Over 75% of our passengers now use the app. This is a major shift from the past when most tickets were purchased in a ticketing center or on the vehicle. In 2019, we became be the first Nordic public transport operator to implement ‘tap and ride’ as a payment method – another successful user experience initiative.”

Skånetrafiken’s track record in customer satisfaction and uptake caught the attention of other Swedish public transport operators. As a result, both Östgötatrafiken and Blekingetrafiken decided to join in on the project – and more are bound to follow.

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