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Skånetrafiken is the third-largest mobility operator in Sweden with 170 million passengers per year, within Skåne county and in transit between Sweden and Denmark.


The challenge.

Skånetrafiken operates mobility in Skåne county. It is the third-largest mobility operator in Sweden with 170 million passengers per year, within Skåne county and in transit between Sweden and Denmark.

To fulfil its mission, it is critical for the organization to have an in-depth understanding of its operating performance and the ability to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve operations in the years to come. To achieve this, Skånetrafiken wanted to create a centralized Analytics Platform with advanced capabilities to collect, store and analyze data between different data sources, as well as to connect data to other services and applications.

The on-set of the Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need to be nimble and have ready access to reliable and comprehensive data to make critical business decisions.

The solution.

The Analytics Platform, designed by Stratiteq and Skånetrafiken, uses a Data Warehouse for its back-end storage of data (On-Prem and more recently in Azure) and QlikView and Qlik Sense for convenient and powerful consumption of data throughout the organization. It also uses Azure Databricks for processing of data.

The Data Warehouse currently houses data from almost 20 different data sources touching several key areas of Skånetrafiken’s operations.

Having worked together for more than seven years, Stratiteq and Skånetrafiken continue to develop and strengthen the organization’s analytical capabilities. More recent work is also focused on providing advanced real-time analytical capabilities for occupancy prediction.

The impact.

The Analytics Platform provides Skånetrafiken with the tools to understand their operations in-depth and manage their operations using data. The use of the Analytics Platform has helped Skånetrafiken increase ridership year-over-year, ensure that they are on track to reach:

Strategic Impact

Insights derived from the Analytics Platform has played a key role in helping Skånetrafiken reach its strategic goals for market share, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. It has helped maintain on-time arrival for buses and trains despite significant increases in ridership and infrastructure limitations for trains.

“Because of the analytical capabilities the Analytics Platform provide, it is possible to improve our analytical efficiency and decrease the time between when a new product, offering or other operational change is launched and the time when we can analyze and understand the result of that change. The overall result is that Skånetrafiken now have the tools needed to make quicker, more reliable data-driven decisions.” says Nelson Silva, Information Architect and Stefan Möller, System Administrator

Direct Impact

Through the analytics platform Skånetrafiken has been able to greatly improve its understanding of its operations. Advanced and detailed analytic tools related for sales, punctuality, travel patterns, traffic planning, and more, is now conveniently accessible to each employee in the organization. Using the platform, it has been able to improve services to the customer, maximize the efficiency of its traffic planning and decrease unnecessary delays causing rider dissatisfaction. It has also been able to save millions of SEK annually by identifying and correcting incorrect reporting.

Levering years of data now collected and stored in the Data Warehouse, Skånetrafiken has also been able to create a new set of services based on big data and advanced analytics, e.g., providing each traveler with predictive analytics for bus and train occupancy directly in the app in early 2021.

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