Managers simplified their workload by taking control of their data.

Data-driven Healthcare.

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Region Skåne is the third-largest administrative region in Sweden, with 30,000 employees providing public health care and public transport to 1,4 million people.


The challenge.

Region Skåne is responsible for healthcare in Skåne and one of their administrations, Habilitation and Assistive Technology, had a support system that many found to be difficult, unreliable and time-consuming. The users of the system did not find it adapted to their current needs and they also suffered from shortcomings in the transmission of data from other systems. As a result, the data they needed to have for their everyday work was not always reliable.

The users also experienced that it was difficult to produce reports or visualize the data they needed to be able to analyze and make data-based decisions.

To help the managers in the region become more efficient and use their time better, the financial department in Region Skåne decided to find a more modern and reliable system, where their data was a part of the solution rather than the problem.

The solution.

Region Skåne wanted to make sure that the new solution contained all information that the coworkers required, and that it was based on actual needs. It was furthermore important to create a solution where the data was visualized in an easily digested way, also for the less frequent users.

With this overall mission, Stratiteq approached the project with qualitative interviews of managers and controllers to identify the true needs and wishes. What was already working well was documented in order to build on, instead of creating everything from a blank slate.

This was then analyzed and followed by workshops with the financial department where decisions about content and layout were taken. The decisions were documented by Stratiteq, and all the new routines and reports were noted in support documents and guides, provided to the administration.

While the system went through data-updates to assure reliable information, the next step was to use new technics to help the managers work smarter with the help of that same data. The system itself provided information on finances, personnel and production, which is the basic information needed for managers to make their monthly follow-ups.

In addition, it was decided to add a new level to the visualization. Aiming to create a more direct understanding of the data and with that also creating support for making smarter decisions, higher efficiency and a better work-situation for the managers. The crucial difference here is that managers get their data gathered on one page. Previously, they had to click around in different places to pick it up.

“We created different pages for different managerial roles, so that everyone gets their relevant information at the same time. In addition, we collected a number of critical key figures on the start page, to provide a quick overview of how their own unit is performing. “, says Thomas Andersson, BI-consultant at Stratiteq.

Once the new solution was presented to the users it was received with great feedback and this made the project ready for implementation. When the new system was rolled out in large scale, Stratiteq helped assuring a high usage by offering trainings with the managers where they were guided in how to best use the system, and showing ways to easily collect the right data for the right purpose.

The impact.

The highly user-friendly solution that was developed made managers at Region Skåne both more satisfied and efficient. The educational set-up had a big impact as the importance of implementing new behaviors and ways of working in an early phase was crucial for the coming success.

“The managers are very happy with the outcome and how they can spend less time on their reports. They find it easier to understand and work with their data, which is more accessible and reliable. The systems and reports also follow our graphical guidelines. We can now not only trust the information in the reports, but also gain value from having our data presented easier, smarter and more helpful. “ says Pia Edmund, CIO at Habilitation at Region Skåne.

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