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Region Skåne is the third-largest administrative region in Sweden, with 30,000 employees providing public health care and public transport to 1,4 million people.

The challenge.

Region Skåne is responsible for the public healthcare system in the southernmost part of Sweden, serving 1,4 million people. The arrival of Covid-19 changed the healthcare situation dramatically. The need for data and follow-up skyrocketed as the events called for new priorities and new KPIs. It was paramount to quickly develop new technical solutions to meet the challenges.

The solution.

Region Skåne has been working with Stratiteq for many years and in this acute situation long experience paid off. Within a short period of time, the Stratiteq team developed an efficient data analysis solution to ease the burden on the Region when it mattered most.

The region uses many different information systems. The technical challenge was to make sure the data they needed to analyze was correctly registered into the systems, to get good data quality. Moreover, there are different work groups who need different kinds of information from the application. This needs to be synchronized with the various groups, and it has to be done quickly because they need the information right away (or they needed it yesterday).

Stratiteq developed a QlikView application, that manages daily updates of the vaccination process. It enables staff to measure performed vaccinations toward an established time frame, and different risk- and priority groups. It visualizes the number of vaccinations per age group, sex and geography. It also has an area to display the amount of delivered vaccines.

“With this solution, Region Skåne can analyze the number of patients with suspected Covid-19 infection who visit the hospitals, the number of Covid tests and antibody tests, and the results of these tests. They can also analyze statistics from covid personnel screening tests.”, says Camilla Fridolf, Project Manager at Stratiteq and Mikael Björck, Developer at Stratiteq.

The impact.

The overall objective was to quickly help the Region speed up and streamline to get more time for taking care of the patients instead of manually collect and report statistics. The application now helps Region Skåne’s management and operative business to get daily statistics about the Covid-19 situation: how many tests and vaccinations that’s been carried out, the results, and the actual number of hospital beds occupied by Covid-19 patients, with forecasts. With the new solution Region Skåne has decision support that helps them make well-grounded decisions and improve their processes, even in extreme and dangerous times.

Stratiteq has, at break-neck speed, developed an application that combines many complex and partly new data sources into a comprehensive picture of the effects of the pandemic on health care in Skane. The application is central both as part of our daily crisis management as well as for analyzing and forecasting pandemic. It is also our one true source for daily and weekly analysis of how the vaccination effort in Skåne is progressing.” says Fredrik Wiberg, Process Manager at Region Skåne, University Hospital

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