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Welcome, we love working with bold and forward-leaning clients. Because we’re a good match. Our strategy and technology craftspeople will bring nothing less than true data-driven impact to your business. Being a part of the international Qinshift, we’ll help you identify and implement solutions for better decision-making worldwide. We’ll enable you to make your unique data your new competitive advantage. This is our passion, so you can trust us to pour our head and heart into everything we do.

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The Stratiteq Crew

Solution focus.

With our solutions we help our clients to find data, understand it, and identify what data they are missing. We visualize it and add advanced analytics for better insights and for making smarter decisions in the future. We help apply AI and enhance the value of the data to optimize operations, create new services or other business benefits.

Our areas are:
– Data analytics.
– Cloud Business Applications.
– Application development.

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We believe in a data and knowledge-driven future where all businesses can thrive. Find out how in our free guides, webinars and articles. We’re happy to inspire you with limitless creativity to take control of your future business in a data- driven world. Find good reads, written by our strategy and technology craftspeople. Enjoy your reading!

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